Gas Turbine World Handbook

  • 2009 Edition (Vol 27) is in progress, should be available soon by January 2009.
  • 2007-2008 Edition (Vol 26) is the latest edition available; published by Pequot Publishing, Inc. For orders in the USA. Click to place your order.
  • 2007-2008 edition - Worldwide delivery (Outside the USA). Worldwide orders are accepted for Gas Turbine World Handbook. Please click here to place your order online .
  • 2006 edition (Vol 25, back issue) is available for purchase. Click here to place your order.
  • Gas Turbine World Handbook is for project planning, design, construction, operation. Sections include (1) Pricing Trends - simple cycle genset prices, combined cycle prices, mechanical drive prices, (2) Design Changes - engineerign and technology, new production models, service model uprates, retired production models, (3) Design Performance - standardized rating factors, simple cycle performance specs, combined cycle performance specs, mechanical drive performance specs, marine propulsion performance specs, (4) Reference Projects - gas turbine orders and installations, engineering procurement construction, heat recovery steam generators, turbine inlet cooling systems, (5) Products and Services - company directory of suppliers, balance of plant equipment, construction plant design, operation maintenance support, overhaul rebuild replacement. Published annually in September.

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