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Title: Road And Track
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Road And Track :
Road & Track caters to vehicle enthusiasts by focusing on automotive subjects such as design, engineering, driving reports, road tests, racing coverage, and detailed technical discussions. Also included in each monthly issue are profiles of personalities in the auto industry as well as auto-related books, art, history, and humor. Reports on all types of new cars. Includes features on such wide-ranging topics as racing, automotive art and photography, and travel stories. This is the oldest and most authoritative automotive publication devoted to car enthusiasts. {usa-address}

The editors of Road & Track believe the faster the better.

Road & Track is noted for being biased towards the manufacture and advancement of race vehicles and other extremely quick cars. Each edition features the latest cars in the market and lays special emphasis on those that have been tried and found to be quick with top performance. The magazine covers all types of cars ranging from coupes to salons, hunchbacks and even hybrid cars, with the aim of making their readers stay on top of occurrences in the automobile industry. A Road & Track magazine subscription makes sure that readers know exactly what they are seeking even before they walk into an automobile dealership showroom and thereby avoid making mistakes.

Road & Track is one of the best selling magazines in the United States for automobile enthusiasts. It was founded in 1947 and noted for struggling a lot in its initial years but has evolved to become successful and currently well sought after by its loyal readers. The magazine currently has a circulation of approximately 723,245 and has a readership base consisting of mainly teen and adult men.

The Road & Track magazine features comprehensive news related to the latest technologies behind fresh car models on the market with detailed analysis on their pros and cons. This helps readers to know exactly what they stand to gain and/or lose by purchasing one car or another based on their technological endowments. The magazine also comes with a Future Cars section which gets readers access to sneak peeks of cars which are not even released on the market yet as well as features they have been packed with. Readers also get access to images of the newest vehicles being paraded in the most important auto shows in cities such as Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris, Beijing and other famous cities in the world.

Getting a Road & Track magazine subscription also gets car enthusiasts the chance to see how their favorite cars fared at road tests as there is a whole section devoted to them. These tests may be one-time or long-term and readers get all the vital statistics they need to help them judge how good or bad a specific model performs short-term or long-term. The Racing section of Road & Track also features top cars in various racing industries ranging from Formula One to Indy Car, Nascar, etc. as well as the latest news in the industry. Improvements being implemented by manufacturers in their race car ranges are also avidly discussed to help readers stay current.

{/usa-address} {canada-address}

Road & Track has been a popular magazine among car enthusiasts in Canada for many decades. The first edition of the magazine was published in 1947 and the challenges it faced in its infant years have been well documented. However, the magazine has progressed in spite of the adversity and gone on to become very successful. The total circulation figure for the magazine is approximately 723,000, with the majority of its readers being teenage males and older men.

Road & Track magazine is devoted towards providing information about racing and other superfast cars. Each edition comes with a unique set of racing and other lightening speed car models that have been released on the market by manufacturers. The magazine also ensures that only the top performing cars are featured in the pages of the magazine. This is to ensure that subscribers get to know only about the best rides at any point in time. Various types of cars, ranging from SUVs to coupes as well as sedans, hunchbacks, hybrids, etc. are featured regularly in Road &Track magazine. This means that getting a Road & Track magazine subscription is also like a key to the latest information on the automobile market. This has helped many readers in Canada drive away from dealerships with top-notch cars that will meet their needs.

The editors of Road & Track are aware of the fact that every car lover wants to stay abreast of the newest innovations and technologies. The readers of this magazine want to know of the latest devices that are being incorporated into the car models that are released on the market. These technologies are featured in detail in every edition of the magazine, with a special emphasis on the merits and demerits of each one of them. As a result, every Road & Track reader in Canada will know exactly the underlying benefits he or she can expect from a new car as well as its limitations. The ‘Future Cars’ column of Road & Track is one of its highly anticipated sections by those with a magazine subscription. This column showcases cars that are under design by various manufacturers but not yet available on the market as well as their inherent capabilities such as performance, power and innovative technologies they are being endowed with.{/canada-address}

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Product Details: Road And Track

  • Publisher: Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S., Inc.
  • ISSN : 0035-7189
  • Country Published: US
  • Languge: Text in English

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