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Title: Men's Fitness
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Men's Fitness :
Men's Fitness magazine is for the active man who aims to live a healthy, active life. Features and departments in this monthly magazine focus on exercise, health issues, and nutrition, and provide readers with the knowledge to be their best and achieve more. Discusses health and nutrition for active men. {usa-address}

A Men’s Fitness magazine subscription gives the modern man insights into the best ways of staying fit today.

Men’s Fitness is a leading American magazine that focuses on readers who want to achieve their desired levels of fitness as well as generally healthy bodies, better sex lives, etc. The magazine’s first edition was published in 1987 and has seen a significant surge in its market share in that niche; with experts believing that it has a very bright future. Three international editions of the magazine are currently printed in Australia, Russia and the United Kingdom and the magazine currently has a circulation of 700,000.

This includes articles with lots of tips and techniques for abs exercises, strength training and general fitness. The magazine is not just tilted towards experienced fitness enthusiasts as it comes with tons of advice for beginners as well as intermediates and experienced body builders. The magazine also features standard as well as advanced workout routines that can be copied by anyone to stay fit and improve his or her body figure. The latest workout moves are also unveiled in every edition with detailed instructions and pictures, as well as accompanying success stories.

Any powerful magazine subscription in the health industry should come with ample health advice and Men’s Fitness does so in style. It comes with vital techniques and recipes to not just help men generate fabulous abs, but to also condition their bodies to look and stay healthy always. Some of the topics covered in the nutrition section of the magazine include healthy beverages and supplements for a better workout. Men’s Fitness also comes with editorials on a wide variety of sports including extreme sports as well as ample tips and advice from the magazine’s sports coach.

When readers subscribe to Men’s Fitness magazine subscription, readers also gain access to the advice column which helps men plan great dates, improve their careers and stay healthy. Reader’s letters are also published in this section, and are always entertaining. The Lifestyle section of the magazine also comes with features of the hottest cars in the market as well as latest fashion trends, chart-topping music, and Hollywood blockbusters. With a Men’s Fitness Magazine subscription a reader will never be bored.

{/usa-address} {canada-address}

There is no doubt about the fact that many men in Canada desire to obtain optimum levels of fitness and improve their general body health while improving their sex lives. Men’s Fitness magazine is published for men with these ambitions and many of those that have laid their hands on a copy of the magazine have never looked back. The premier edition of Men’s Fitness was printed in 1987 and the wide array of topics it covers as well as its interesting yet informative nature has endeared it to the hearts of many men. The magazine is projected to expand into more countries in the near future and currently circulates in Britain, Australia and Russia, with figures estimated at 700,000.

Staying fit in these modern times is a challenge for many men in Canada and other parts of the world thanks to their ultra busy lives. Getting a Men’s Fitness magazine has helped many men stay fit nonetheless due to the various tips and techniques provided in the magazine for fitness enthusiasts. Various methods of exercises including abdomen workouts, interval training, strength training, etc. are featured in each edition of the magazine. The content of the magazine is made suitable for rookie fitness enthusiasts as well as more experienced hands. The workouts start from basic techniques to more sophisticated routines to cater for all readers and they are presented in such a way that anyone can follow and build their bodies. The most innovative workout methods are also revealed in each edition of the magazine while interesting photographs and step by step instructions are provided.

Men’s Fitness magazine doesn’t just focus on helping men in Canada build their bodies but also helps them to maintain healthy overall bodies. This is why lots of health tips are provided in each edition of the magazine including healthy foods and beneficial lifestyle changes to help readers generate the right body conditions to not just look healthy but feel it as well. Getting a Men’s Fitness magazine subscription gives men the chance to check out the most healthy beverages, vegetables and nutrient supplements to maintain great body shapes.{/canada-address}

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Product Details: Men's Fitness

  • Publisher: American Media Inc
  • ISSN : 1541-2776
  • Country Published: US
  • Languge: Text in English

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